We create modern batteries and drivetrains

for zero-emission vehicles

We specialize in building traction batteries and complete drivetrains for electric vehicles. We offer complete solutions for two- and four-wheelers, robots and boats. We also provide maintenance services for electric vehicles.

about ele-driveco

Your Reliable Partner

Ele-Driveco was founded in 2008. We specialize in the design and production of batteries based on the lithium-ion technology supplied by renowned manufacturers. We also offer complete solutions for drivetrains used in electric vehicles.

We have gained our long-term experience working on a number of domestic and international projects. We have participated in many interesting ventures whose results can be seen on the roads today.

We manufacture our products using reliable components offered by renowned suppliers, such as Panasonic, Samsung, or Delta, offering our customers excellent quality and trouble-free operation of the systems we provide.

We hold an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate issued by the Notified Body TÜV.

Technology of the Future

Modern vehicles require cutting-edge technology that ensures uninterrupted and safe energy supply for driving. Lithium-ion cell batteries provide all the electric power needed, while taking up less room and weighing less compared to conventional solutions.

Our cooperation with leading manufacturers, our specialized know-how, and years of experience allow us to supply the best products available on the market today.

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Batteries and Electric Drivetrains

We supply not only modern batteries and vehicle drives, but also complete technical systems to support the design and implementation of the best solutions for electric mobility. Our state-of-the art lithium-ion traction batteries are one of the most advanced and highly efficient energy storage solutions available on the European market

We cooperate with leading high-tech industry suppliers on the Polish market, integrating both the devices and know-how offered by our business partners.

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Distribution of Components

Our offer includes a broad selection of components required for building electric vehicles: cells, BMS electronics, engines, controllers, DC/DC converters and chargers.

We are the official distributor of SEVCON (currently: BorgWarner) controllers in Poland.

We also cooperate with renowned manufacturers of other components, such as KOMEL, IES, VALEO and others.

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Vehicle Electrification

Ele-Driveco can deliver vehicle electrification projects for both classic and modern cars.

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Cell Welding

We operate a cutting-edge machine for automated welding of cylindrical cells. Due to its advanced technology we can monitor each weld of every single cell throughout the welding process to ensure full repeatability and excellence of the services we provide to our customers.

We also offer all supplies needed for the manufacture of battery modules.

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Production Services

We offer manufacturing and prototyping services related to direct current energy storage. We accept orders for individual units or small production batches. We cooperate with multiple partners, so no technology is a problem for us.

We operate a 600 sqm production facility designed for the assembly of a wide range of products, equipped with specialized tools and measuring instruments. We keep expanding our battery testing lab, which has been additionally equipped with a special ESD zone.

We also offer maintenance services for electric vehicles.

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